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TOPIC: "Coconut Water" with the wrong beliefs That many p

"Coconut Water" with the wrong beliefs That many p 1 month 2 weeks ago #7839

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Coconut water is one of the most popular fruit juices in Thailand. Because it is sweet, delicious, and refreshing Plus it's good for your health But there are still many Someone who might have a misunderstanding Or some beliefs about eating coconut water That may have heard adults tell each other
Hello, doctor is here to help fix it. Wrong belief About coconut water That many people may not yet know
Myths about "coconut water" that you should know
Myth 1: Do not drink coconut water during menstruation.
Many young people should have heard some warnings that If menstruation Never drink coconut water. Because of slang with people with menstruation And will cause stomach pain. In fact, drinking coconut water during menstruation. That is no different from drinking other sweet things in any way, we can still drink coconut water normally. Even with menstruation Without resulting in menstrual disorders Or causing stomach pain as we believe

However Some people may be allergic to coconut water. If you notice that you have an allergic reaction after drinking coconut water, such as itching, rash, or swelling. Should stop eating coconut water. And get an allergy exam first
Myth 2 after exercise It is best to drink coconut water.
Some people believe Drinking coconut after exercise Will be the best choice To add water and minerals That the body is lost through sweat to come back In fact Drinking coconut water after exercise Is not much more useful than drinking normal water much.
Especially if you exercise and lose a lot of sweat. Unsweetened coconut water There may be too few calories to replace the missing minerals and energy. If you exercise and sweat a lot High-energy and sugary spot drinks May be more appropriate than drinking coconut water
Myth 3: Drink coconut water when pregnant. Children will have white skin.
Some elders may suggest that pregnant women drink plenty of coconut water. Because it is believed to make the baby born white It also helps to wash the ointment at birth, but actually drinking coconut water has no effect on your child's skin color Or the amount of wax of the fetus even less Whether your child will have fair skin or not depends on the genetics of the parent
Myth 4: Drink coconut water when pregnant. Will cause miscarriage
Because in coconut water there is estrogen in it. Which can affect the contraction of the uterus Causing many people to worry that If drinking coconut water while pregnant Can cause miscarriage In fact, it has been proven that Although in coconut water, it may actually contain estrogen. But they are available in very small quantities And seldom affect pregnancy Or contraction of the uterus at all Therefore, drinking coconut water while pregnant does not cause any miscarriage.
Myth 5: Drinking coconut water can help speed up the metabolism.
Some people may have heard that Drinking coconut water can help speed up the metabolism. And help us get rid of excess calories faster. In fact, while our bodies are dehydrated That metabolism will be slowed down. And when we drink whatever water goes down It will help accelerate the work of the metabolic system temporarily. It is not necessarily only coconut water.
After everyone has known the false beliefs On the coconut water. Just do not forget that drinking coconut water is really beneficial for health. It is also one of the low calorie beverages. But with a refreshing sweet taste It can be considered an alternative drink for those who love their health ever. However Remember that coconut water should be consumed in moderation. And eating a variety of food So that the body receives complete nutrients as well ambbet
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